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OPC Capsules
OPC Capsules
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OPC Capsules

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  • 90 OPC capsules high-dose with 300mg of pure OPC per capsule
  • Grape seed extract from 100% French grapes
  • Without artificial additives
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for vegans and children
  • Six months money-back guarantee
  • Fast & free shipping

OPC Kapseln aus französischen Weintrauben von Vitamineule

What is OPC?

OPC or oligomeric proanthocyanidins have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Pure OPC occurs as a natural defence in plants. The content of OPC is particularly high in grape seeds, coconuts, apples and the red shell of peanuts. Our OPC capsules contain a high-quality, pure natural substance that is produced in Germany under constant laboratory controls. Our OPC capsules are also free of artificial additives.

What function do OPC capsules made from grape seed extract have?

Due to the Health Claims Regulation of the EFSA, we are not allowed to make health-related statements about the exact mode of action of our OPC capsules. OPC, i.e. oligomeric proanthocyanidins, are said to have antioxidant effects and an anti-aging effect, especially in health magazines and blogs. Since the substance is only slowly becoming the focus of public attention, there are currently only a few studies on the effectiveness of OPC. Due to many positive reports from consumers, the demand for OPC capsules is nevertheless increasing strongly. If you want to buy OPC capsules online, you should make sure that the product was manufactured in Germany to ensure the highest possible product safety. Due to the good tolerability of OPC, most people make good experiences when taking OPC capsules.

How can I absorb OPC through food?

Grape seeds, coconuts, apples and wine have a high concentration of OPC and also allow a low intake of the natural substance through food. If you would like to take in a higher amount of OPC, you can therefore take our Vitamineule® OPC capsules.

What is contained in the product?

Vitamineule® OPC Capsules contain pure OPC from grape seed extract and vegetable rice flour. The capsule shell is also made of vegetable cellulose. Our product is free of artificial additives and is manufactured under strict conditions throughout the supply chain exclusively in Germany.

How does your voluntary money-back guarantee work?

All our products are developed, produced and shipped with the utmost care. However, if you are not satisfied with a product or if you are not tolerating it, you can return it within six months. Therefore you can buy our OPC capsules without hesitation. This guarantee is voluntary and works independently of the legal rights of return.

Do you have further questions about our OPC capsules?

Just send us an e-mail to kundenservice@mach-dich-wach.de or call us at 09372/200470.

The telephone customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am - 15:00 pm.

Further information about the function and mode of action of OPC can be found in this blog post:


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