Guarana Capsules
Guarana Capsules
Guarana Capsules
Guarana Capsules
Guarana Capsules

Guarana Capsules

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  • 80 guarana capsules with 50mg pure caffeine from guarana per capsule
  • Small capsules, easy to swallow
  • Free from additives
  • Guarana from the Amazon region, production in Germany
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Six months money-back guarantee
  • Fast & free shipping
  • Delivery time: 1-3 working days (EU + Switzerland 1-2 days longer)

Guarana Kapseln von Vitamineule ohne Zusatzstoffe

Our natural stimulant

Already the ancient Incas appreciated the power of the guarana plant, because it contains caffeine by nature. The caffeine it contains is bound to tannins and is thus released more slowly, more evenly and for longer.

It is also very suitable for people with a sensitive stomach and caffeine sensitive people, because guarana capsules are gentler on the stomach than pure caffeine. One capsule contains 420mg pure guarana with 12% caffeine and 50mg caffeine. Thus two capsules are equivalent to one cup of coffee. Our Guarana capsules are the first and only ones without additives.

What is actually guarana?

The guarana plant (Paullinia Cupana) grows on the edge of the Amazon in South America. It has a long tradition among the Indians and has been known there for centuries as a wake-up and performance-enhancing plant. From the red fruits, the peeled and dried seeds are ground into a powder. Since Guarana has a very bitter taste of its own, it is often mixed with drinks. Our Mach dich wach!® Guarana capsules are covered by a vegetable cellulose shell, so they only open in the stomach and do not need to be mixed.

What causes the energy boost?

The caffeine contained in guarana is bound to vegetable tannins and is therefore released more slowly and evenly. The unpopular crash effect with coffee and energy drinks can be avoided here. Whoever wants to buy guarana capsules will therefore find a good alternative to synthetically produced caffeine in these capsules. Our Guarana capsules are perfect for learning, at work or during sports.

For whom are Guarana capsules particularly suitable?

Guarana capsules are popular with people who cannot tolerate coffee or have problems with synthetic caffeine. It has a more constant performance curve and is therefore suitable for maintaining high performance for many hours. It is therefore particularly suitable for athletes, people who have high performance requirements and students who need to concentrate very well while learning. Our Guarana capsules are also more gentle to the stomach than artificial caffeine. Most people make therefore very good experiences, if they decide to buy Guarana capsules instead of caffeine capsules.

What is contained in the product?

Our Guarana capsules contain only pure Guarana powder, which comes from the Amazon region. The capsule shell is made of vegetable cellulose. No allergens are contained. Many manufacturers of guarana capsules use guarana powder with very low caffeine content to save costs. Our guarana is highly dosed and has a peak value of 12% pure caffeine in the guarana powder.

Which advantage do Guarana capsules offer compared to Guarana tablets?

Guarana tablets can be found in online shops and some pharmacies for a long time. It is important to note that not every Guarana preparation has the same quality. Often many additives and other chemicals are needed to press the Guarana tablets correctly. Guarana capsules on the other hand usually consist of a vegetable cellulose shell in which the pure guarana is contained.

How does your voluntary money-back guarantee work?

All our products are developed, produced and shipped with the utmost care. Should you still not be satisfied or not tolerate a product, you can return it within six months. If you want to buy our guarana capsules, you can do so without hesitation. This guarantee is voluntary and works independently from the legal return rights.

Do you have further questions about our Guarana Capsules?

Just send us an e-mail to or call us at 09372/200470.

The telephone customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am - 15:00 pm.

More information about the function and mode of action of Guarana can be found in this blog post:

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