How to detect vitamin deficiency?


Wie kann man einen Vitaminmangel feststellen?

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1. how to detect vitamin deficiency?

The human body needs many vitamins to survive. These are best obtained by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Especially for the regulation of metabolism and cell and tissue growth, vitamins are very necessary. If one does not maintain vitamin levels, vitamin deficiency can occur. Many people wonder how exactly a vitamin deficiency can be detected. This is done by blood tests at the doctor's office. Often several examinations are made, since a snapshot alone is often not sufficient. The blood samples are analyzed and evaluated so that the nutrient content in the blood serum can be detected.

    2. how can a vitamin deficiency occur?

    • wrong or one-sided nutrition
    • Diseases
    • interactions with medications
    • an increased need for vitamins
    • pregnancy
    • alcoholism
    • intestinal absorption disorder

    3. symptoms and consequences of vitamin deficiency

    Symptoms of vitamin deficiency are very different and cannot be generalized. It depends very much on the vitamin.

    Vitamin A: dry skin and vision problems

    VitaminB1: circulatory problems

    VitaminB2: cracked corners of the mouth

    VitaminB3: shingles, fatigue

    VitaminB12: pallor, anemia

    VitaminB5: headache

    VitaminB6: loss of appetite

    4. vitamins in the form of supplements

    Due to a stressful workday, many people no longer manage to eat healthy. Due to late working hours, daily fresh cooking is often replaced by a ready-made meal, increasing the risk of malnutrition. The lack of fruits and vegetables, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats causes deficiencies more and more often. Deficiencies can be well prevented and corrected by supplementation of food supplements. When taking them, you can choose between capsules and tablets.

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    5. conclusion: how to detect a vitamin deficiency?

    Many people wonder how to detect a vitamin deficiency. This can be determined by blood tests at the doctor. A vitamin deficiency can be easily corrected by eating a healthy and balanced diet. In case of a long-term deficiency, supplementation in the form of food supplements can be very helpful. Here, one can choose between capsules and tablets. Both forms are easy to use and enter the circulation quickly.

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