Naturally strong nails with biotin

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Natürlich starke Nägel mit Biotin

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1. healthy nails

A healthy nail is pink and has a light nail tip. However, the nail only looks like this if it is also well supplied with blood. A good blood circulation promotes the growth of the nails. The more your hands are in motion (such as at work or during sports), the more you promote nail growth. A healthy nail protects the finger from external influences and infections. A fingernail grows about one millimeter per week, the toenail a little slower. The nails are supplied by small blood vessels.

2. common causes for brittle nails

Brittle nails can have many different causes. Possible causes can be malnutrition, an underfunctioning thyroid gland or frequent contact with chemicals. Brittle nails can also be caused by skin diseases such as nail fungus or psoriasis. If the nails lack strength and hardness, this often indicates a lack of biotin. A biotin deficiency can have many different causes. An unbalanced diet can lead to a biotin deficiency in the long term. However, the deficiency can also have a genetic cause, for example in the case of a congenital uptake disorder. A deficiency can also be caused by a long-term intake of antibiotics or poor storage capacity of the body.

3. healthy nails through biotin

Biotin is a vitamin. It is also called vitamin B7. Biotin is essential for the human organism. Since the human body cannot store biotin, you should always make sure to include good sources of biotin in your diet every day to ensure that the body is supplied with sufficient amounts. The body needs it for healthy skin, strong hair and stable nails.

4. the correct dosage of biotin

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a daily intake of approx. 30-60 µg biotin for adults. For children the value is between 15-30 µg. In certain life situations, such as pregnancy, more biotin is needed.

5. cover biotin requirements with biotin capsules or biotin tablets

If you have a balanced diet, do a lot of sport or are unable to ensure a daily supply of biotin through your diet, you can resort to biotin capsules or biotin tablets as an alternative. Biotin tablets are often sold in local pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets. However, in many cases these are produced with artificial additives or manufactured abroad. Biotin capsules, on the other hand, in many cases contain the active ingredient in a plant-based cellulose shell and can be produced without fillers. It is also important that the biotin preparation is produced in Germany in order to ensure a consistently high quality.
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6. tips for healthy nails:

  • Protection: In order to keep nails strong and not to damage them, you should always remember to protect your nails during certain jobs. For example, gardening, where you should wear gardening gloves to protect your nails from dirt and grime. In the household the nails should not be misused, such as when scraping off residues or opening a can through the nails. Any mechanical action can damage the nail and injure it.
  • Drink a lot: A sufficient supply of liquid not only makes your skin tighter and makes you look fresher, but also keeps the nail smooth and elastic. By drinking regularly, for example, small transverse grooves in the nail can be avoided.
  • Finger bath: If you have very brittle nails, you should take care to give your nails a regular time-out. A finger bath can help very well here. Nail baths with lukewarm water and oil are a very effective method.
  • Use of nail oil: To avoid brittle nails, the use of nail oil can be very helpful. Nail oil is absorbed quickly and gives the natural nail a natural shine. It makes brittle nails elastic again and makes dry cuticles soft again.
  • Do not use acetone! If you want to repaint your nails, you must of course remove your old nail polish first. You should always make sure to use acetone-free nail polish remover, as acetone not only dries out the natural nail, but also makes it more brittle.

7. conclusion

The nails are the protective shield of our fingers and toes. Brittle nails are not only an aesthetic problem, but can also be more susceptible to infections. A well supplied with blood is pink and has a light-coloured nail tip. The more you move your hands, the more you promote nail growth. Causes for brittle nails can be, among other things, a poor diet or a lack of biotin. Biotin ensures the strength and hardness of the nail. The optimal daily intake of the vitamin is about 30-60 µg of biotin for adults. If you would like to take biotin, you can consider in which form you would like to take the supplement. Biotin is available in the form of biotin capsules or biotin tablets in stores. You can find out more about biotin here.

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