Magnesium deficiency: symptoms


Magnesium-Mangel: Symptome

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1. magnesium deficiency: symptoms

A magnesium deficiency is noticeable by many different symptoms:

  • stomach pain
  • Calf Cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Heart complaints
  • Back Pain
  • Menstrual Pain
  • depressive moods
  • Swindle

    2. what is the function of magnesium in the muscles?

    In order for all muscles in the human organism to function normally, a sufficient supply of magnesium must be guaranteed. While magnesium is used to relax the muscles, calcium is used to tense the muscles. Magnesium controls the transmission of excitation from all nerves to the muscles and tries to reduce the influx of calcium so that the tension occurs. For this reason, the human organism should not only be supplied with sufficient magnesium, but also with calcium, as these act as antagonists. According to the recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), adults should consume about 300-400 mg of magnesium per day. The European Food Safety Authority EFSA, which determines the NRV, recommends 350 mg of magnesium per day for men and 300 mg for women. Children should consume between 170-300 mg of magnesium depending on their age. In general, one should always bear in mind that the daily requirement is always dependent on many factors. These include weight, height and gender. In addition, life circumstances such as pregnancy.

    3. areas of application of magnesium


    • influences many metabolic processes and at the same time the digestion
    • helps in the transmission of signals to the brain
    • participates in many processes in the body
    • helps with the transmission of nerve impulses
    • helps to break down lactate
    • activates over 300 enzymes
    • prevents tension and cramps
    • improves the brain performance

    4 What do athletes have to watch out for in case of magnesium deficiency?

    People who move a lot not only strain their muscles but also sweat a lot. The loss of sweat increases the magnesium requirement very considerably. Especially endurance athletes who have to take physical exercise for a very long time often suffer from a magnesium deficiency. For them, magnesium is of great importance, as magnesium promotes the regenerative ability and stress of the human organism.

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    5. conclusion: magnesium deficiency: symptoms

    A lack of magnesium is recognised by numerous symptoms such as stomach pain and calf cramps. In case of a deficiency, you should change your diet to foods rich in magnesium. The supplementation of magnesium in the form of food supplements is recommended.

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