Is it possible to overdose on Maca?


Kann man Maca überdosieren?

1. is it possible to overdose on maca?

Many people wonder whether undesirable side effects can occur if Maca is overdosed. Usually, an excess of Maca (for example in the form of dietary supplements) is simply excreted through the urinary tract. For centuries, the Maca tuber has been consumed, in cooked and dried varieties, with no known side effects or consequences of overdose. However, one should always stick to the recommended daily amount and discuss any changes with a doctor.

    2. the daily requirement of maca

    There is no general dosage recommendation for Maca. Moreover, the recommended amount is always individual and depends on body size, weight, gender and one's health condition. The standard dose of Maga depending on the body weight is usually between about 5 to 40 g of raw powder per day.

    3. for what is Maca particularly important in the human organism?

    Maca performs numerous tasks in the body. These include:

    • Improving libido
    • Coping with stress
    • Reduction of anxiety
    • Relieving menopausal symptoms
    • Counteracting depression
    • Increase of general well-being
    • Increasing stamina and energy
    • Maintaining hormonal balance

    4. maca in the form of food supplements

    Maca can be consumed not only as a tea, but also in the form of a tincture or powder. Maca powder can be used in many ways. The taste of maca powder is slightly sweet and nutty. You can use the powder not only for baking, but also add it to smoothies, cereals or protein shakes. In baking, it adds a delicious and fragrant aroma. If you like to take Maca as a dietary supplement, you can alternatively reach for Maca capsules or Maca tablets. Maca tablets are often sold in pharmacies or drugstores. However, these are often made with artificial additives or produced abroad. Maca capsules, on the other hand, contain only the active ingredient in a vegetable cellulose shell and can be produced without fillers. It is also important that the preparation is produced in Germany to ensure a consistently high quality.

    5 Conclusion: Can Maca be overdosed?

    As a rule, Maca cannot be overdosed. An excess of Maca is excreted through the urinary tract and does not have any consequences. Maca can be supplemented in various forms. In the past, the Maca tuber was consumed cooked or dried. Nowadays, Maca can be taken in the form of Maca capsules and Maca tablets. Both forms are easy to supplement and enter the body quickly.

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