In which foods is potassium contained?


In welchen Lebensmitteln ist Kalium enthalten?

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1 Which foods contain potassium?

Foods rich in potassium are mainly fruits and vegetables. Potassium is found in the soil and is absorbed by plants via the roots. Therefore, the potassium content in plant foods varies considerably. Animals thus absorb potassium through their food, so that potassium is also present in meat, dairy products and fish. The mineral potassium quickly combines with water.
For this reason, vegetables such as potatoes should not be cooked for too long, because then the potassium from the vegetables remains in the cooking water. The less water you use for cooking, the more potassium and nutrients are left in the vegetables themselves. A high concentration of potassium is found in tomato paste, dried fruits and fruit juices.
Top 10 foods richest in potassium: (milligrams per 100 grams)

  • 1. dried apricots ca. 1700
  • 2. dried peaches approximately 1500
  • 3. beans and lentils approx. 1100
  • 4. tomato purée approximately 1000
  • 5. dates about 800
  • 6. pistachios about 800
  • 7. pumpernickel about 500
  • 8. potatoes approx. 410
  • 9. Brussels sprouts, kale approx. 400
  • 10. bananas approx. 400

    Two. What's potassium?

    Potassium is an important mineral for humans. It is needed for energy production and is essential for the acid-base balance. Potassium was discovered with sodium in the 18th century and is the fourth most abundant element in the human body. Men contain about 150 grams of potassium in the organism, women about 100 grams.

    3. the daily requirement of potassium

    The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends that an adult should consume approximately 4000 milligrams of potassium daily. Children under 10 years of age need half the amount of an adult, i.e. the requirement is about 2000 milligrams. For breastfeeding women, the recommended amount of potassium is about 4400 milligrams, as they have to supply their child via breast milk.

    In general, you should always bear in mind that height, weight and sex play an important role. If you take enough potassium daily, you can prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney stones and loss of bone mass.

    4 When is the blood potassium level determined?

    If you have problems with your heart muscle, you should see your doctor to check the level of potassium in your blood regularly. The potassium level is often used for the initial diagnosis of muscle problems, cardiac dysrhythmia or sensation disorders.

    There are also people who should have their potassium levels checked regularly. For example, people who are taking dehydrating agents or medication for heart failure. People who suffer from severe diarrhoea, eating disorders or stomach problems should also have their blood levels tested, as potassium is always excreted via the kidneys. Anyone suffering from complaints that could indicate a potassium deficiency should also have their potassium level checked and explain their complaints or symptoms to the doctor in detail.

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    5. conclusion: Which foods contain potassium?

    Potassium is mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Since potassium binds to water, vegetables, for example, should not stay in water for too long. The less water you use for cooking, the more potassium and nutrients are retained in the actual vegetables.

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