Is depression related to a vitamin D deficiency?

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Hängen Depressionen mit einem Vitamin D Mangel zusammen?

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1. is depression related to a vitamin D deficiency?

The more pronounced a vitamin D deficiency is, the higher the probability of developing depression. The lower the level, the more pronounced the symptoms can be. Compensation often leads to the symptoms subsiding. A vitamin D3 deficiency can be easily remedied with the help of dietary supplements. You can choose between vitamin D3 capsules and vitamin D3 tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and quickly enter the circulation.

    2 What is vitamin D?

    Vitamin D is a group of different fat-soluble vitamins. These are essential for the regulation of the calcium balance. On the one hand, vitamin D is supplied through food, on the other hand, vitamin D can be produced by sunlight. In case of high solar radiation, about 80% of vitamin D3 can be produced by the body itself. However, since not many people regularly spend time outdoors nowadays, more and more people suffer from a vitamin D3 deficiency.

    3 The importance of vitamin D

    Vitamin is strongly related to calcium intake. Combined, they have a decisive influence on calcium metabolism.

    Vitamin D ...

    • increases the activity of bone cells
    • reduces calcium excretion via the urinary tract
    • increases the absorption of calcium in the intestine
    • increases the incorporation of calcium into the bone
    • provides for a normal immune system
    • is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight, so sunlight is necessary

    4. symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

    • increased susceptibility to infections
    • Hair Loss
    • Muscle aches
    • Limb pain
    • Decrease in bone density
    • Bone Pain
    • Disorders in calcium metabolism
    • Mood swings

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    5. conclusion: Is depression related to a vitamin D deficiency?

    Depression is to a certain extent related to vitamin D deficiency. The lower a vitamin D deficiency is, the higher the likelihood of developing depression. For this reason, you should always make sure that your vitamin D level is always within the norm. In case of a deficiency, vitamin D can be supplemented in the form of food supplements. You can choose between vitamin D3 tablets and vitamin D3 capsules.

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