Preventing flu and colds: the best recommendations

vitamin d3

You're tired, you feel flabby and your body temperature is elevated? Not only do many people catch a cold in winter, you often get the flu.

In this blog you can read about how to take measures to prevent the flu.

Proper hygiene
To prevent bacteria from settling in you, proper hygiene is essential. Influenza viruses are lurking everywhere, such as on doorknobs, when you go shopping, when you use public transport and above all on your mobile phone. It is therefore very important that you not only wash your hands regularly but also disinfect them.

Prevention through vitamin D
Vitamin D plays a very important role with regard to the immune system, a deficiency increases the infection due date. Vitamin D is absorbed through the sun and since we unfortunately do not get much away from it in winter, many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. In addition to a balanced diet, you can also cover your needs with food supplements, such as our Vitamin Owl Vitamin D3 capsules.

Eat a healthy diet
A healthy and, above all, balanced diet not only supports the immune system, but also protects the body from disease. It is very important to eat a balanced diet, i.e. to include fruit and vegetables, cereal products, dairy products and meat in your daily routine.

Drink a lot!
For every degree of temperature increase, the body needs an additional litre of fluid per day. Therefore, always remember to drink a lot so that the body does not dry out!

Sleep sufficient
If you have the flu, you should take a rest period and rest. The body needs its strength to defend itself against the pathogens and therefore you should avoid any kind of stress and strain and allow your body time.

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