Dizziness and headaches? Correctly detect iron deficiency

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Schwindel und Kopfschmerzen? Eisenmangel richtig erkennen

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You are often dizzy or have headaches? Under certain circumstances, an iron deficiency can be responsible. Iron is the trace element that occurs most frequently in the human organism. It is found to 71 percent in the red blood pigment (haemoglobin). Iron is essential for many processes in the body and supports the immune system. In order for these processes to function daily, there must always be sufficient iron in the body. It is therefore very important to eat a balanced diet so that the iron level always remains within the limits.

1. why is iron so important for the human body?

Iron is an essential trace element and is involved in many essential metabolic processes in the human body. Iron contributes to the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. It keeps the human body efficient, strengthens the immune system of the human organism and keeps skin, hair and nails healthy.

2. effective oxygen transport through iron

The right amount of iron is essential for oxygen transport in the body. This means that the oxygen we take in through the lungs is bound to the blood pigment haemoglobin with the help of the iron. It is also distributed through the blood in the body, so that the energy production in the cells always works. The muscles are thus also supplied with energy.

3 How do I recognise an iron deficiency?

If iron is withdrawn from the body in the long term or the iron metabolism is disturbed under certain circumstances, an iron deficiency can occur. If there is too little iron, the body cannot supply itself with sufficient oxygen and the energy metabolism only works to a limited extent. The typical symptoms of iron deficiency are brittle nails and hair, dizziness and headaches. Likewise, the persons involved often suffer from fatigue and difficulty concentrating to fight. It is not uncommon for the attention of those affected to drop off, resulting in memory disorders. Iron deficiency is often noticeable by paleness in the face, and depressive moods can also occur. Thereby, that the human organism is no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen when iron is deficient, it is not uncommon for shortness of breath to occur. In the case of an iron deficiency, those affected often report an increased susceptibility to infections, which is because the immune system can no longer function optimally when there is an iron deficiency.

4. how can I take the right amount of iron?

Iron is stored in the body in the long term, so that an iron deficiency can be compensated for in the short term. The daily iron requirement can be met both by animal foods and by a plant-based diet in combination with vitamin C can be covered. If you would like to have additional access to a high quality iron source, you can use vegetable Take iron capsules as a dietary supplement.

5 Which foods have a high iron content?

The human organism is not able to produce iron itself, so care must be taken to ensure a sufficient supply of iron through food. A large amount of iron is mainly found in animal foods such as meat, sausage and Fish away. Iron from animal products is approximately three times better utilised in the body than iron from plant foods. These also contain the blood pigment haemoglobin.

6. cover your iron requirements effectively with iron capsules

The iron level can be additionally covered in the long term by taking iron capsules. There are several points to consider. On the one hand, the iron capsules should be free of additives, be produced in Germany and have a contain a high amount of iron. On the other hand, attention should be paid to the form in which the iron is present. We recommend iron bisglycinate as it is very well tolerated and can be effectively utilized by the body.

Our recommendation:

Iron Capsules from Vitamineule®

Our iron capsules contain 400mg iron bisglycinate with 56mg pure iron per capsule. Iron bisglycinate is bioavailable and can be effectively used by the body. By taking one capsule per day, the complete iron requirement can be covered with ease. Each can contains 90 vegan iron capsules. The shipping in our online shop is fast & free of charge.

7. higher iron requirements for pregnant women and vegetarians

Vegetarians or pregnant women consume on average less iron than the average consumer. It can therefore be difficult to absorb a high amount of iron from a vegetarian diet. We recommend sesame, amaranth, linseed, quinoa, pistachios, millet, chanterelles, sunflower seeds, oat flakes, pumpkin seeds and tofu for a diet rich in iron.

8. improved iron absorption through vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important catalyst for effective iron absorption. It converts vegetable, trivalent iron into the effective trivalent form and thus makes it more readily available to the body. Even with small amounts of vitamin C the iron absorption can be significantly increased. Foods rich in vitamin C include wild garlic, oranges, strawberries and blackcurrants.

9 How can I detect an iron deficiency?

If you want to know whether you are affected by an iron deficiency, you can have this checked by taking a blood sample from your doctor. By determining the concentration of the red blood pigment (haemoglobin) it can be determined whether there is an anaemia and if so, how pronounced it is.

10 What are the causes of iron deficiency?

An iron deficiency can occur mainly in the case of inadequate nutrition. This includes diets as well as unbalanced nutrition. Iron from plant foods is not as bioavailable to the body as iron from animal sources. Is little Meat built into the diet should therefore be ensured a sufficient supply of vitamin C.

11. what consequences can iron deficiency have?

If an iron deficiency persists in the long term, it can manifest itself mainly in the following symptoms:

12. conclusion

If you discover symptoms of iron deficiency in your body, you should take care to raise your iron level again. This can be done with both animal iron and vegetable iron. If you are only taking iron from plant sources Sources should additionally provide sufficient Vitamin C can be added to make the vegetable iron bioavailable. To cover the iron requirement with ease, the following are suitable Iron capsules excellent.

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